The Majestic One

Heyyy there. Some things from Alchemy here. Really loved these pieces that are at The Secret Affair. I LOVE GOLD. Yeah I know lately it’s been white and gold with me but I love it. Also this dress is by Aisling that is at her mainstore in the solid colors only where you can change different parts of the skirt, the corset, and the sleeves along with the metals. I am currently not wearing the sleeves and there’s also a collar. So many things with this outfit! Also these heels. DEM HEELS. Unf. Oh and did you go and get the new Glam Affair skin called Rose? YOU NEED TOO. It’s beautiful and I feel like I’m wearing Rose’s face like Buffalo Bill. YEAH. ♥

The Majestic One

The Majestic One Inside -

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It’s Play Time

Heyyy! Really excited to get the chance to join the FaMESHed team. Such an amazing event that I could be apart of so here’s my first official post on it. Firstly let’s talk about this top and skirt combo that is so freaking cute and from Coquet. It’s one piece which comes with a HUD to change the pattern/color of the skirt! The purse is new from Zenith which comes in 3 different colors. The necklace is new from Cae which is HUD controlled for different metal and jewel colors. The hair is new but not at FaMESHed by Truth which actually isn’t rigged and comes with a bow and no bow version, of course HUD controlled to change the band color. Another event that is opening tonight is Oh My Gacha that we are actually involved in! The jewelry on my feet are one of our items that comes in 16 different colors to play on that fit with your SLink flat feet. The sandals rezzed out are also there along with this cellphone I’m holding! Lastly amazing sunglasses by Noodles at Rhapsody! ♥

It's Play Time

It’s Play Time Inside -

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Went Out For A Ride

Hey hey! So a new event Level Up will be opening soon with a ton of things that are video game related! Especially this new helmet by Remarkable Oblivion! There’s three different colors which 2 styles of open and closed with matierals and non materials version! ♥

Went Out For A Ride

Went Out For A Ride Inside -

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Pirates Do It Better

Hey there. I put this piratey looking look together the other day and decided to share it with you! ♥

Pirates Do It Better

Pirates Do It Better Inside -

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I Aim To Please

Heyyyyy. A couple new things that will be featured at We <3 RP this round also this new corset I located on marketplace. Each color comes with a hud to change straps and metal! ♥

I Aim To Please

I Aim To Please Inside -

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Come And Be My God

Hey there. So got some new things here from Tales of Fantasy event! Aisiling’s items that have 1 ultra rare and 3 rares. The ultra rare comes with a HUD. Also this new hair from Truth comes with buns on each side and chopsticks! ♥

Come And Be My God

Come And Be My God Inside -

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The Vintage Look

Hey people. Some new things here by Collabor88. Finally got around to getting some things from there and putting a look together. Pictures taken yesterday, but work crept up too close to getting this posted. ♥

The Vintage Look

The Vintage Look Inside -

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Taking What He Wants

Heyyyyyyyy. So I had to ask a friend to come pose with me because Auston was working so everyone say hello to Mr. Mayo! LOL These poses are from Rack Poses and will be featured at Fantasy Gacha Carnival on the 4th! Also you see those beautiful candles and stands that I put up around the pool, those are from Collage and will also be at the event! And you know I had to wear our ultra rare.  PS – Don’t make fun of my cause I had to use a crate for this pose to work. :> ♥

Taking What He Wants

Taking What He Wants Inside -

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Lounging While I Wait

Heyyy. So I wanted to do my little twist on the new Truth hair with the curlers. I’ve seen sooo many people do some amazing shots. I don’t think I lived up, but I tried! ♥

Lounging While I Wait

Lounging While I Wait Inside -

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A Fisherman’s Delight

Hey thur. Some more new things to show y’all. Especially this adorable hair by Truth. Also the scarf and leggings are by my friend Titan with his store Equinox that will be at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival along with one of our items that hasn’t been released yet for the event, Body Rope. Lastly the backpack by PFC that they did a machine for. Such good things. ♥

A Fisherman's Delight

A Fisherman’s Delight Inside -

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