A Different Kind Of Angel

Hello there! So another round of Fantasy Collective is underway. My RL was really crazy this weekend with illness from my husband then myself, but we’re getting a bit better now. I wanted to get a post out about this event because there are so many great things to pick up. I hope you enjoy this post. Usually I do two pictures as you know, but Firestorm and my computer haven’t been getting along lately. ♥

A Different Kind Of Angel

A Different Kind Of Angel Inside -

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Miseria Cantare

Hey thereeee! Sorry these have been so far apart! We are trying to pay for some things IRL so our events are starting to come first before blogging! But I did want to get out to y’all some new things from Uber! ♥

Miseria Cantare

Miseria Cantare Inside -

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Part Of His Chain

Hey there! So I did some pictures with the man the other night. I wanted to show off some new furniture from Stockholm and Lima along with he did a picture for a pose by Rack Poses. Oh and I love this new hair by Truth! ♥

Part Of His Chain

Part Of His Chain Inside -

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Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Natalee named this post. Anyways. So many more new things from Tag Gacha! I know y’all have had the chance to go get all your things, but I wanted to show off these adorable costumes by Tee*fy! LOOK AT THEM! Natalee got all slutted up in her cupcake and I am milk – it does the body good. :) ♥ PS – It’s late, Natalee wears alot of shit. If you wanna know more of what she’s wearing, ask her. Natalee Oodles. She’s friendly. :)))

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker Inside -

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She’ll Hold Anything For You

Hey thereee! Some new things here from Mystic Realms and then Tales of Fantasy which will be opening up on the 13th! ♥

She'll Hold Anything For You

She’ll Hold Anything For You Inside -

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She Dresses For Success

Hey there! Some new things from Truth and Coco that’s at FaMESHed! This outfit is so cool because of the arm in the pocket. It makes it interesting for pictures! ♥

She Dresses For Success

Sh Dresses For Success Inside -

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This Is How We Game

Heyyy! I’ve been wanting to get this post out for a couple days, but I had RL work along with finishing up an event for our store! Anyways, a new event called Consensual opened up and this set by Stockholm & Lima is there which I freaking LOVE! Get your gamer freak on people! The names of the positions is probably my favorite! The first picture is a position inside the chair and the other is for the console! The living room set I got rezzed out is from Just Design that is also featured at the event! It comes in distressed leather and linen! Has several different menus along with pieces of the set! ♥

This Is How We Game

This Is How We Game Inside -

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