The Beauty In Gor

So obviously this isn’t so traditional Gorean, but just slapped some things together. Take pieces of what you like and do your own thing per usual. I’m finally getting around to blogging some new pieces released by Ryvolter. Also more C88 things that’ll be ending here soon. ♥

The Beauty In Gor

The Beauty In Gor Inside -

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Balancing The Music

Hey y’all! Some more Arcade things to show you along with this new hoodie from Auxiliary. The hoodie is at the new round of She & Him. It’s like her animal hoodies, but these have no animals but just a design on the front or plain. ♥

Balancing The Music

Balancing The Music Inside -

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Sun Warrior

Hey hey! Some more things from We <3 RP event that opened on the 5th. Rustic’s chandelier and candles comes in two different colors AND a version for the new materials that is raging through SL! ♥

Geek LOTD 800

Sun Warrior Inside -

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Lonely Evenings

Hai beautifuls! So I went a little spicy for today’s post because these undies got me in a mood. They have three versions. At the ass, at the knees, at the ankles. Now, I’m not a fan of ya know like walking around in the ones at the knees and ankles but if you can get a good picture in them. Then I’m alll for it! Also this is just a couple shots of our new house! ♥ (First pose made by me :D)

Geek LOTD 790

Lonely Evenings Inside -

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Home & Garden Expo

Hello lovely people! A bunch of stuff I’m going to be showing y’all in the next few days. The Home and Garden Expo will be opening up in a day or so and I’m excited to show y’all so much new stuff that you can pick up there. Remember 11 sims for y’all to check out! So much to take in for a week long expo. So once it opens start your TPing over there! Some I’m showing were earlier releases but are also available at the vendors plot on the expo’s sim! <3

Geek LOTD 773

Home & Garden Expo Inside -

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More Tough Than You

Hey hey! Been really busy trying to make some items to release in a new store with the husband! Decided to take a break today and blog an outfit I’ve been holding on too along with new hair from Magika! <33 Enjoyyyy

More Tough Than You In -

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Gorean One Voice

Some more new stuff for y’all to pick up at One Voice fundraiser. This is for my gorean peeps, and this outfit is all mesh and really its great since especially with my huge ass – it covers and no need to make it smaller! <33

Gorean One Voice In -

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Sporty Spice

Look! I can be as posh and English as Kirsty! Bahahha, totally jk! Anyways, new pants from LooP! Comes in 12 different colors, of course they are mesh with an alpha for alpha feet or not. Really digging this laid back Sunday look. Very simple, something to just throw on! <3

Sporty Spice In -

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Gorean Bear

A couple things I wanna talk to y’all about today.

First is about these awesome super dooper mesh bear hoods. They are -amazing- and a HUGE thanks to Sopherian Yumako for posting these on her blog. I always love her pictures and when I spotted these I knew that I wanted to show you guys so the Gorean ways can go snatch them up and wear them around! But the hoods come in 5 different colors. I couldn’t just pick one so I had to fatpack it! Also different sizes in the folder for the ones not wanting to edit any hair from the hood! <3

Secondly these new pants I got from the mp. My husband spotted them a couple nights ago and I quickly bought them up. Love that they are mesh and look a bit tac pants like. Thought it was a good style for Gor. They look a little “denim” but you all know if you don’t like that style, then of course you try another kinda pants!


Gorean Bear In -

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