Beachin’ With Some Friends!

Hey peoples! More new things from some events here. Mostly Oh My Gacha otherwise some Rhapsody hairrr! ♥

Beachin' With Some Friends!

Beachin’ With Some Friends Inside -

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White Wedding

Heyyy there. So I know I talked about it yesterday, but I’ll be talking about it more because we still have one more day before Rhapsody opens to the public! I had to blog this gorgeous dress by Pixicat because it’s just divine. Also you can find this lovely headpiece, purse, armbands, and shoes at Rhapsody! By the way, the headpiece actually comes with a click change texture menu which has 7 different colors to change 4 different sets of flowers! PS – I know it’s another dark picture, but sorta in the mood for it right now since I’m not feeling so well IRL. I’ll brighten up soon I promise! ♥

White Wedding

White Wedding Inside -

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I Can Win You Over

Hey thur. So I went to Summerfest last night and I put this look together but I have been slaving away all day on my own Rhapsody items to get a blog post done! Been so crazy with the events we signed up for! Anyways, so here’s some of what I got there with a slave Gorean twist to it! ♥

I Can Win You Over

I Can Win You Over Inside -

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Always Honorable

Hey there. Some new things to show y’all from The Fantasy Collective! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! ♥

Always Honorable

Always Honorable Inside -

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I Want To Be Yours

Heyyy. Some more new things from Tales of Fantasy along with new hair at The Big Show! ♥

I Want To Be Yours

I Want To Be Yours Inside -

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She Doesn’t Like To Wait

Hey hey, This bathing suit is pretty awesome and I used it for a slave outfit cause I did yeah. Anyways, this is at Collabor88. Also this hair from lamb is there. Love both of the styles so much. ♥

She Doesn't Like To Wait

She Doesn’t Like To Wait Inside -

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I Aim To Please

Heyyyyy. A couple new things that will be featured at We <3 RP this round also this new corset I located on marketplace. Each color comes with a hud to change straps and metal! ♥

I Aim To Please

I Aim To Please Inside -

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Not Just An Object

Hey thur. I put together a random outfit last night from some new to old things. Blah blah blah ya know, just read below. ♥

Not Just An Object

Not Just An Object Inside -

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She’ll Serve You Well

Hey there. Some new things coming to The Garden near you! Amazing set by Apple Fall that includes all the furniture that I’m showing here. Also had this cute outfit done up yesterday, thought it went well with this set to blog. ♥

She'll Serve You Well

She’ll Serve You Well Inside -

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I Hope You Suffer

Hey hey! I hope you’ve heard this song by now. AFI’s I Hope You Suffer. If you haven’t, do it now. Anyways, just wanted to show off some new things from Cynful, Apple May, and Moon with from Forge. ♥

I Hope You Suffer

I Hope You Suffer Inside -

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