The Royalty In Her Soul

Hey thur. Some new things from The Arcade, FaMESHed, and The Men’s Dept! ♥

The Royalty In Her Soul

The Royalty In Her Soul Inside -

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On The Farm

Hellooo! Sorry to get this one out so late! Anyways, there’s some new things from FaMESHed and Alchemy and aisiling! ♥

On The Farm

On The Farm Inside -

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A Dreamer’s Seat

Hey there. Some more new things here from FaMESHed. Such an amazing piece from Trompe! Great piece for your outdoors or even find a great spot in a high ceiling house! Also new hip bag from Remarkable Oblivion that actually comes in 3 colors that’s at FaMESHed. And if you haven’t yet you need to pick up this hair from Uber! ♥

A Dreamer's Seat

A Dreamer’s Seat Inside -

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A Surprise For Her

Hey there. I have some new things to show you here. Mostly from FaMESHed which opened it’s doors today (though now typing this it was yesterday). I hope you like ittt. ♥

A Surprise For Her

A Surprise For Her Inside -

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Beachin’ With Some Friends!

Hey peoples! More new things from some events here. Mostly Oh My Gacha otherwise some Rhapsody hairrr! ♥

Beachin' With Some Friends!

Beachin’ With Some Friends Inside -

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It’s Play Time

Heyyy! Really excited to get the chance to join the FaMESHed team. Such an amazing event that I could be apart of so here’s my first official post on it. Firstly let’s talk about this top and skirt combo that is so freaking cute and from Coquet. It’s one piece which comes with a HUD to change the pattern/color of the skirt! The purse is new from Zenith which comes in 3 different colors. The necklace is new from Cae which is HUD controlled for different metal and jewel colors. The hair is new but not at FaMESHed by Truth which actually isn’t rigged and comes with a bow and no bow version, of course HUD controlled to change the band color. Another event that is opening tonight is Oh My Gacha that we are actually involved in! The jewelry on my feet are one of our items that comes in 16 different colors to play on that fit with your SLink flat feet. The sandals rezzed out are also there along with this cellphone I’m holding! Lastly amazing sunglasses by Noodles at Rhapsody! ♥

It's Play Time

It’s Play Time Inside -

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She’s That Sweet

Hey peoples. So many Arcade things in this post. Look at me go! Wanted to do a cute sweet one with all the candy type items at the event along with some of the other fun items that have came out lately! ♥

She's That Sweet

She’s That Sweet Inside -

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