Music In My Life

Hey hey. So with the approaching new event Rhapsody coming up I wanna hear what your favorite music is! This post is dedicated to all things music! I’ll post my favorite song below. Some things shown here are new from the event along with some new Summerfest things! ♥

Music In My Life

Music In My Life Inside -

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She’s That Sweet

Hey peoples. So many Arcade things in this post. Look at me go! Wanted to do a cute sweet one with all the candy type items at the event along with some of the other fun items that have came out lately! ♥

She's That Sweet

She’s That Sweet Inside -

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Breakfast In Bed

Hey there. I wanted to get this post done before midnight, but due to trying to get these undies on Auston I wasn’t able too! So I wanna show you this freaking amazing looking plate of pancakes. LOOK AT IT! Ugh. Absolutely amazing and made by Dermie of ISPACHI. It looks so realistic. Jealous of his skills! Also these new sexy heels by Gos at Whore Couture Fair. Yum. Dat ass. ♥

Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed Inside -

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We Love This Time Of Year

Oh pretty people helloo! The Arcade has officially opened their doors and just like every round there’s a ton of things to pick up. I mostly dropped all my lindens in the O.M.E.N. machine but got some other goodies also! The first pose I’m using is by Rack Poses and it’s for the Invitation Only Hunt! Also at the same PG store where the hunt item is at she has 2 new poses that I’m showing below too! Too freaking cute! Please make sure to also go over to FaMESHed for another new round of great items. Auston’s shirt is by ISPACHI which is featured at FaMESHed like I said, and comes with a HUD to change it between 24 different sweater colors and 18 different shirt colors! ♥

We Love This Time Of Year

We Love This Time Of Year Inside -

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Always About Her

Hey y’all. So Truth has now made the change over to HUDs! I know y’all have to be as excited as I am right? If I was to get fatpacks I was always having to open all of the boxes and then have all kinds of objects added to my inventory that is already going over 100K. Now he’s made it soo simple for us. The HUD is done by color packs. Just wear the hair then attach the HUD, select the hair color you want and BAM changes. Now like this one there’s an accessory attached to it. Below you’ll see the picture of two different parts of the HUD. If you click on the arrows it’ll take you to the second page where the accessory colors are located. Again click which color you want and it’ll change. One of the first hairs on the system will be shown below. There’s also another style that I love that’ll be featured later this week. ♥

Always About Her

Always About Her -

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Being In The Library

Heyyyyy peoples! So some new things for y’all. Like this shirt from Plastik and this hair from Truth. Also had to keep wearing the new Pink Fuel skin Harley! ♥

Being In The Library

Being In The Library Inside -

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Check Out My Scooter!

Hi pretties. I know y’all have seen it but LOOK AT THIS HAT FROM TRUTH! Seriously wish my hair would do this in hats IRL. Also erratic has two new things. The tank top I wore it a different way. It does come with a system layer for a longer tank underneath, but I decided I didn’t want it! LOOK AT MY TUMMY! ♥

Geek LOTD 789

Check Out My Scooter Inside -

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My Inner Child

Hello y’all! Just a quick post to show a little bit of The Arcade goodies I got and some stuff that I had picked up from Home and Garden Expo last week. Enjoyyy! <3

Geek LOTD 776 3

My Inner Child Inside -

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Swinging Without You

Hello pretties! So I’ve been holding out on this post because I love the outfit and been wearing it for a couple of days, but yeah. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did! <3

Geek LOTD 771

Swinging Without You Inside -

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FANATIK Grand Opening

Obviously from the title you can see that FANATIK is having a Grand Opening today at 4 pm SLT! They have redone both their clothing and architecture stores along with adding in their store Sexy Things into the build and Centipede Weapons! Really absolutely love this build and the textures are pure perfection. I really hope y’all go and check it out! Remember 4 pm SLT tonight! <3

FANATIK is also doing a blogger contest also! Check it out here!

Gor LOTD 714

FANATIK Grand Opening In -

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