Can I Be Your Goddess?

Hey there. I’m backkkkk. I had the best of time on vacation with some SL friends at Disney and now I’m back to the real world and doing blog posts! And now to show you some things from the new upcoming event Tales of Fantasy that opens June 10th at 12 am! Also this new hair from Spellbound is absolute perfection – comes with or without the feathers (hud colors for the feathers also). ♥

Can I Be Your Goddess?

Can I Be Your Goddess Inside -

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She Can Be A Bit Dark

Hey there. So yesterday I was trying to take pictures on the new updated Firestorm with the fitted mesh. It failed again. My computer just completely crashes when I take a photo. Sad because I wanted to do this post with the Wowmeh body. Ugh. Anyways, new things from the Dark Style Fair along with new heels from Just Design at The Boutique. ♥

She Can Be A Bit Dark

She Can Be A Bit Dark Inside -

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The Vintage Look

Hey people. Some new things here by Collabor88. Finally got around to getting some things from there and putting a look together. Pictures taken yesterday, but work crept up too close to getting this posted. ♥

The Vintage Look

The Vintage Look Inside -

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She’ll Serve You Well

Hey there. Some new things coming to The Garden near you! Amazing set by Apple Fall that includes all the furniture that I’m showing here. Also had this cute outfit done up yesterday, thought it went well with this set to blog. ♥

She'll Serve You Well

She’ll Serve You Well Inside -

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I’d Rather Move Out Here

Hey peoples. I’m really sorry about not posting in a couple of days. I’ve had to work and RL has been crazy. I just wanted to show you in this post a pose by Rack Poses along with some other new things. ♥

I'd Rather Move Out Here

I’d Rather Move Out Here Inside -

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Flutter Away

Hey there pretty and handsome thangs! Some new things that I haven’t shown from Fantasy Gacha here along with We <3 RP things. ♥

Flutter Away

Flutter Away Inside -

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Fireflies In The Night

Hey hey. Some new things here from Fantasy Gacha Carnival, one being our own item. :> Also new Infiniti poses that are there along with new armor by Alchemy that is at We <3 RP that comes in 5 different colors! ♥

Fireflies In The Night

Fireflies In The Night Inside -

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She’s A Temptress

Hey pretties. Some new things here by Alchemy that’s featured at Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Also We <3 RP has opened it’s doors for another round with things from The Forge, Just Design, and Aisling.
First about Alchemy. The top, belt/skirt, collar, axe, and scythe come with a HUD to change different parts of the items. Especially the cloth which comes in a couple different colors. Defintely can mix and match with other outfits! The axe and shield though are in the male’s gacha machine, the rest that I’m wearing is the female’s machine.
The Forge items I’m wearing which is the leg wrap is at Fantasy Gacha Carnival as a common item, the mesh face tattoo is at We <3 RP by them.
The sandals are by Just Design which are to be worn with their flat mesh feet that comes in several different colors also at We <3 RP. Love these sandals. Perfect for Gor.
Hair is by Pr!tty which is in a gacha at Chapter Four that had opened yesterday! ♥

She's A Temptress

She’s A Temptress Inside -

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How I Pass Time

Heyyyy. So I wanted to show you a couple of new items out right now that ya know isn’t Gorean that I’ve been doing lately. Plethora had released some tablets as of lately but NOW he’s doing custom tablets for those wanting one. Obviously you pay, but you can get all the info on it here. I went with a Disney font H on the back with my name and some of my favorite pictures for the screens. Also these poses I’m using are from Infiniti which is for Fantasy Gacha Carnival which opens soon! Lastly has updated all of her heels that she’s done lately by placing them in her main store AND adding more colors to each set! ♥

How I Pass Time

How I Pass Time Inside -

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